Youtube Personality Gave This Homeless Woman Some Money, But She Bought Something Unexpected


This homeless woman was given some cash, then…

A YouTube personality named Das hosts a channel called “K3TV,” where videos of some social experiments and candid pranks were recorded and uploaded online.

However this time, Das wanted to do something different for a change. Instead of his usual videos, he decided to do a good deed for someone in-need and record it on a candid camera. So Das walked around in Santa Monica, Los Angeles to look for a person in-need.

Das soon spotted a woman sitting alone beside a building and decided to chat with her. It seemed to Das that the woman was homeless, and his assumptions were soon confirmed.

The woman told him that she was indeed homeless and a mother to a son. Deciding to help her, Das took out $283 from his wallet and handed it to her. Astonished, the woman rejected the money at first and exclaimed that she cannot accept it.

After Das’ insistence, she accepted the money and asked him for a hug, thanking him. Das later walked away, but the camera crew continued to follow the woman secretly to observe her. The woman walked past a clothing store and headed to a cafe for some ice-cream, before doing window-shopping around Santa Monica.

The camera crew followed her around town and noticed that she did not purchase anything, despite all the window-shopping she did. After some time, the crew tailed her onto a street where the animal shelter was located. The crew stayed outside the shelter for 45 minutes, until the woman walked out of the shelter carrying a small puppy.

This surprised the crew, so Das decided to approach her again. He told her that they have been following her around Santa Monica and questioned her on why she did not purchase anything from the clothing stores but decided to adopt a dog. The woman replied that she looked at the clothes and jewelry but felt that it did not touch her heart, so she decided to head to the shelter to adopt a dog instead. She also added that she now has someone whom she could love and rely on.

Touched by her actions and her answer, Das and his camera crew decided to take the woman into a nearby pet store to purchase some dog food for her new companion. Das also took some more money out of his wallet and handed it to her, asking for another hug in return. Grateful for his help and kindness, the woman shed tears of joy while Das hugged her furry friend.

You can watch the entire video of this story below:

What an amazing and touching story!

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