Man Who Tries to Kick Homeless Dog At The Beach Receives Instant Karma

Serves him right, huh?


An unnamed man who tried to kick a homeless dog at the beach received instant karma and the Internet is loving it.

As the dog was quietly laying on the sand, the man got the idea of hurting it. But as he jumped, the stray managed to escape the attack and it left the cruel man falling.

But, the best part comes after he gets up and sees the stray dog’s palls coming after him. Looking him running for his life has to be the best thing you’ll see all day.

This time, the ocean being so near saved him from getting a full taste of his own medicine, but we hope this will teach him not to hurt helpless animals ever again.

Well, as Lennon’s song says it,  “Instant karma’s gonna get you — gonna knock you off your feet.”

What do you think ?