Energetic dog hilariously fails his service dog training test & we’re so in love

This made me LOL!


The staff from the Double H Canine Training Academy strongly believe that there isn’t a dog out there who can’t be trained to become a service dog.

Service dogs are specifically trained to help people with disabilities such as visual impairment, hearing impairment, mental disorders, seizures, those who experience difficulties moving, people with diabetes, and many more.

They say the training is not highly demanding and the pooches actually enjoy the activities they are expected to fulfill during the sessions.

But, are they right? Does every dog really have IT in them?

Well, looking at the adorable Ryker we don’t quite agree with that belief.

Facebook/Double H Canine Training Academy

In this academy, they don’t follow a training formula but have different approach for every single dog, because dogs have different personalities, pretty much like humans.

The tasks that these assisting dogs perform are various. They help people with both physical and emotional issues. So, they range from providing comfort, to turning the lights on and off, opening the fridge, making company. To be honest, the services of these dogs are limitless.

The first chore Ryker was about to complete was to retrieve a bottle of water. But did he do it? Well, not before biting it whole. The water was all over the floor. This didn’t look promising, but there is a long way to go in front of him.

Facebook/Double H Canine Training Academy

Realizing they had their work cut out for them, the Double H staff decided to try something else. So, instead of fetching water bottles, they brought a walker and Ryker into the middle of the room.

It looked as though he knew what to do. He casually laid in front of it, and when the time came for the trainer to move, Ryker was expected to walk slowly by his side and make sure he doesn’t run into an obstacle.

But Ryker somehow noticed the fun-looking tennis balls on the end of the walker and he just had to chew them. This made everyone burst out laughing.

Facebook/Double H Canine Training Academy

The first two assignments that included fetching and walking didn’t really go as planned, so the trainer was now ready to switch to the next one, that of opening the fridge. Knowing Ryker’s affection of biting and chewing things, it’s easy to assume that instead of opening the fridge, he started eating the handle.

Pulling the wheelchair didn’t work either because Ryker’s vibrant personality won’t let him do things one step at a time, so he started running really fast instead.

Facebook/Double H Canine Training Academy

I guess at the end even the academy staff realized Ryker isn’t the best candidate for an assistance dog, but we are positive that being this energetic and full of life makes him the perfect pet.

Whoever decides to take him in will definitely have exciting days and a best friend for life.

Take a look at Ryker’s training session in the video below and don’t forget to share it with friends.

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