Worried mama elephant can’t wake her baby, so the human steps in to help

She was so stressed and desperate for help.


Watch out! This has to be the sweetest video of elephants ever. It is a definite proof that mother is a mother, no matter what species she belongs to. This one over here is eager to play with her baby who is sound asleep. As she approaches closer and tries to wake him up, the little one doesn’t move an inch which is enough concern for the mommy to call her caretakers for help. 


The keepers step in and try to wake the baby themselves. It seems he is really tired and loves laying there on the grass, but at one moment he is all awake and starts running towards his concerned mother. 

This video of the Prague Zoo went viral and stole the hearts of nearly 8 million people who got to see how strong a mother’s love is. Simply amazing!

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