Woman Woke Up During The Night, Turned On Light To Find A Coyote In Her Room


Having unannounced guests is not something most of us are comfortable with. A woman from Bixby, Oklahoma got the surprise of her life when an unexpected visitor decided to drop in.

The issue was that it got inside the house in the middle of the night and caught the woman off guard. When she first heard the strange noise she was certain her cat and dog were fighting again, but she soon realized she was wrong.

When she decided to check what was going on and turned the lights on, she was completely shocked to realize there was a coyote inside her room. 

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Bonnie Moriarty got a bit scared because she didn’t know what to expect from the animal. She grabbed a golf club for protection because she was at the house with her kids and her pets, and her husband out of town. 

As the woman was getting anxious, the animal was visibly nervous as well. 

That’s when she contacted Bixby police department and asked for help. Police officers came as soon as they could and managed to get the coyote out of the house using animal control hooks. 

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The officers then released the animal back into the wild, and luckily no one was harmed.

Bonnie’s house is located near the woods and it’s not that unusual for wild animals to be passing by her home. 

She believes the coyote managed to enter through the back door probably after he noticed her pets. 

How would you react if you see a wild animal inside your room? 

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