Woman With Alzheimer’s Is about to Meet the Service Dog Her Husband Got Her

This is about as special as it gets ❤


As much as they want to deny it, there comes a time in some people’s life when they can’t simply function without the help of others. Such is the case with one woman who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Her husband, Bruce Anderson, knew she needed someone to be by her side around the clock, so he came with the best idea ever; to get his wife a service dog.

Eventually, they decided to welcome an amazing dog named Sadie. Both Bruce and June were looking forward to Sadie becoming part of their family.

Sadie’s trainer said how the first encounter between a service dog and their new owner is very important, although sometimes it takes hours, weeks, or even months for them to bond.

Amazingly, Sadie and June clicked the moment they laid eyes on one another. It took them just a couple of minutes to realize they would be best friends for life.

With Sadie by her side, Bruce can be at ease for his wife’s safety.

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