Woman Walks All-Night in Cold Rain to Help Deserted Dog, Say “God Got Her Through It”

Passersby were afraid to approach this dog that was tied to a pole because they believed he was mean. But one woman though differently!


Joey is just another dog who ended up left behind because of his neglectful owners who didn’t deserve to have him in the first place.

People who learned of Joey’s fate got even madder at his cruel family because they didn’t bother to surrender him at a shelter, but tied him to a pole instead.

There was a note attached to Joey’s collar, but passersby couldn’t see what it said as the dog was untrustworthy and wouldn’t let humans get closer to him.

It was like that until a woman named Lisa Snyder learned of Joey and his position. Unlike the rest of the people who came across him, she didn’t let Joey’s hostility stop her from gaining his trust and helping him.

Although she managed to get to the poor animal, there was no chance for her to keep him as she was struggling at the time and was living in her inoperable van.

So, Snyder called an animal service, but she was told there was no chance for them to go and get the dog. If she wanted, she could take him to them herself. That meant Snyder had to walk for miles in the middle of the rainy and cold night in order to get to the shelter willing to accept Joey.

Snyder didn’t care for her safety and her health. All she had in mind was making sure Joey got a second chance.

The video about Joey was posted with the following caption: “Lisa set off on a three-mile walk to the animal shelter. Her various medical conditions made the walk painful and forced her walk to slow. In the excitement, she had forgotten her jacket and her walking stick. What should have taken an hour, took all night in the rain and cold. By morning, she had made it safely to the shelter where Joey was turned in.”

It’s safe to say that this incredible woman saved Joey’s life. She acted just in time as vets said it was very likely the dog would suffer from hypothermia if he was left tied to the pole any longer.

We hope this story will inspire others to offer a helping hand to animals in need, just like this woman who made a change in one dog’s life.

Take a look at the whole story in the video below.

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