Woman Wakes Up To Pitiful Meowing – Kitten’s Hiding Place Leaves Her Dumbfounded

When Kelli woke up one morning, she heard distressed meowing...except she didn't own a cat! So how had the poor creature gotten inside her house? Kelli got up to investigate and couldn't believe it when she found the little tyke's hiding place...


Remember how we often tell you that cats choose their owners? Well, this is another example of that unexplained power cats possess.

A woman named Kelli woke up one morning because of the loud meowing that was coming from inside her house. This unusual sound puzzled her a bit, because she didn’t have a cat and had no idea what could be going on.

Could it be a lost animal that wandered into her place through an open window? Or just a kitty that wanted something to eat?

What she knew for sure was that she had to locate the poor creature as soon as possible because the sound it made was becoming a bit upsetting. 

She searched the whole place, but the cat was nowhere to be seen. Kelli was only able to hear it, but not see it.

She then decided to get outside and see whether the poor creature that was obviously upset was somewhere in the garden. After a couple of minutes, Kelli finally found the cat whose meowing sounded like a call for help.

I could hear a kitten crying but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

I searched high and low in the house until the cries sounded desperate so I went outside and realized he was under the house.

Kelli rushed to take it in her hands, but by the time she got closer, it already stopped meowing and didn’t move an inch.

When I found him, I couldn’t tell if he was alive,” Kelli said.

I started to feel panicked once I realized that he wasn’t meowing any more. So I brought him straight to the vet.

They said he was less than a week old and had been abandoned by his mother.

Once ditched by the one who was supposed to take care of him, Kelli couldn’t allow to abandon the poor cat again so she knew she had to take him in and give him a forever home.

During the first a couple of months things weren’t easy for Kelli. She had to change her lifestyle to suit her baby’s needs as he had to be fed by syringe many times during the night.

But the sacrifice of the good night sleep was worth it once the cat was a bit grown up and perfectly healthy.

Glad the days of waking up every two hours to feed are over… But I surely miss this mini version of him…

He is super spunky, likes to act like the man of the house. But when no one is around he still acts like my baby and cuddles up to me.

However, eight months after Kelli adopted Oscar she heard of another cat that got stuck under someone else’s house in Prince Rupert, and Kelli saw it as a sign to go for it and adopt that cat too.

It was an adorable female cat she named Isabelle. Now Oscar got a sister and a friend.

They would play together and eventually became snuggle buddies. Now you can catch them running all around the house together,” Kelli laughs.

We are very glad that there are still people like Kelly out there who show animals in need the love and the kindness they so much want to feel.

Kelly’s days are now filled with joy as she has the two most adorable companions by her side.

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