Woman Found Puppy’s Ears Folded Back – She was horrified what really happend.


She was horrified for the puppy.

A shocking case of animal abuse had been reported when a woman came across a puppy with his ears seemingly folded backwards. He was found wandering along the streets of Oklahoma City.

The puppy, only 3-months-old, had its ears been cut off – near his scalp. It was a heartbreaking sight for the woman – she knew that he had been tortured by someone.

Kaylee Doonkeen had been sleeping prior to finding him – until she and her husband were woken up by a series of whines. Kaylee got up and opened the door – and there was the puppy, shivering in the cold.

Kaylee phoned Animal Welfare immediately and emphasized that the puppy required medical assistance ASAP due to the presence of two large open wounds on his head. After being treatment, the pup, now named Rocky, is currently housed at the vet clinic to make sure his wounds would not get infected. Animal Welfare superintendent Jon Gary said that Rocky will “never have ears”, but added that his hearing wouldn’t been affected even if fur grew over his injuries.

Despite the fact that Rocky had been traumatically abused, the little pup still remains as friendly and loving as ever. Staff at the vet clinic remarked that all Rocky wanted to do all day is to play and snuggle – like a normal puppy would.

Watch the news clip below:

Meanwhile, Rocky would be recuperating with a foster family so that he could become well enough to be adopted. if you would like to help Rocky, please donate directly to the Animal Welfare Angel Fund. A $5,000 reward has been posted to encourage witnesses to step forward with any information which could lead to the culprits / culprit’s arrest and conviction. If you have any information, please contact Animal Welfare at 405-297-3117.

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