Woman Thought No One Would Attend Pet Adoption Drive — Until A Truck Came


How delightful!

One woman named Sherri Stankewitz once dreamed she would grow up to be a fashion designer one day. She even moved all the way from Michigan to Los Angeles to make her dream come true – but instead, she spotted many dogs who were abandoned and left for dread on the streets of LA. It changed her life forever, as well as her former passion – it was no longer clothing that interested Sherri. Today, Sherri has become the owner of Long Beach-based West Coast Animal Rescue (WeCARe), which aims to save abandoned dogs from the streets – and beyond. It is also a no-kill rescue shelter which houses up to 75 dogs at one time – plus, its rarely empty.

She has stayed very much devoted to saving rescues. Although Sherri does want them to find homes, she is careful when selecting the right owners as well. “It’s about education, and getting everyone on the same page. Some people want the dog they saw on Petfinder. I try to tell them, ‘This might not be the dog for you, so come to the facility.’ Many times people come with one dog and leave with another,” Sherri says.

However, there are many dogs who need help but not enough funds. Prank it FWD (pronounced “prank it forward”) decided to step in, with a little help from wine merchant Barefoot Wine & Bubbly and others. They had decided to prank Sherri with an epic pet adoption.

Many WeCARe pets got successfullyt adopted on that day, including the hard-to-place senior animals – with the help of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. Sherri also received an Airstream trailer to help transport future rescues, along with very much-needed all-expenses paid trip to Aruba. Plus all of her current business’ operating expenses were already paid for, too! Sherri pledges to continue rescuing as many dogs as she can in the near future, even after she returns from vacation – and we appalaud her for it!

Watch the amazing scene in the video below!

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