Woman Takes Jacket Off Her Back to Warm a Shivering Dog, Unaware Her Actions Were Being Captured

Some owners will go above and beyond for their dogs.


With all those stories of animal neglect that we stumble upon so often this particular experience gives a ray of hope and reminds us that most dog owners are in fact caring and loving towards their furry family members.

Just recently, a woman named Kristina Hollie snapped what might be one of the best photos that depicts the love and the unbreakable bond between humans and their dogs.

She usually takes the bus to and from work, and the waiting can be boring, but this time was a bit different.

The weather was bitter and Kristina was shivering when she spotted someone sharing the uncomfortable feeling caused by the cold spell; a dog tied to a nearby tree.

“It was very cold and windy out. I noticed that he was visibly shaking,” she said.

The dog’s owner was there as well getting ready to enter the post office. But before that, she did something that melted Kristina’s heart.

Namely, the owner took the jacket off her back and wrapped it around the dog. Making sure he wouldn’t shake it off, she zipped it up all the way.

The sight of the cute canine getting warm while waiting was way too adorable not to be immortalized with a couple of shots.

Kristina was glad this owner was so caring and wished there were more people like her who would go above and beyond for the well-being of their furry companions.

But, Kristina wasn’t the only one who was stunned by the kind act. Many passersby were looking at the dog dressed in a human jacket with admiration, and it triggered positive feeling in each of them.

Although getting a dog means getting a family member, some dog owners aren’t that interested in the safety of their canines. Luckily, there are laws across the U.S. that prevent neglectful owners from keeping their pets outside in the cold.

In some states, among which Massachusetts and Oklahoma, animal neglect is a felony.

So, in case you ever stumble upon a dog that is tied outside during severe winters, make sure you report that to the nearest police station or to an animal rescue center.

Of course, you have to make sure you take a note of the date, the time, and the location, as well as many details about the dog in need of help as possible before you report the negligence.

Better safe than sorry! You may end up saving a life!

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