Woman starts petting fuzzy rescue Lynx cat, but then he realizes it and responds back to her act of love


If you are a cat lover, than this is going to become your favorite video ever. Max is one chubby and fluffy Canada lynx who is melting the hearts of everyone who gets to meet him. Yes, he’s indeed that adorable. This wild cat was born in 2011, at a zoo. Although he’s not really domesticated, he is humanized and gets along with people just perfectly. 

Max is an ambassador animal who gets to be around humans with the sole purpose of educating them on the endangered animals of his kind, hoping it would make them more aware of the importance of preserving the wild life. 

This sweet creature enjoys getting all the attention from his caregivers, especially this woman who loves patting him. What she gets in return is the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. I’m sure you’ve never heard such loud purring. I guess that’s Max’s way of telling this woman “I love you.” 

This is definitely a must see!

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