Savage culprit ties 13lb Metal anchor to dog’s neck and dumps him in river

When the woman noticed the scared creature sitting by the river, she stopped to check up on it. What she saw broke her heart. A heavy metal object was attached to the dog’s neck — it was a makeshift anchor.


She was horrified.

A woman named Audra Petraškienė had been driving on a quiet street along a river near her home in Lithuania recently when she noticed something unusual sitting by the roadside. The animal was shivering wet and alone – it was a dog!

Petraškienė decided to stop and take a look at it, but soon realized that the dog had just survived a cruel attempt on his life.

Judging by its appearance, it had evidently just emerged from the nearby river all by itself, due to the fact that someone, possibly its former owner, had wanted to drown him with the help of a makeshift anchor strapped around the poor canine’s neck. Petraškienė had also recorded the moment she approached and rescued the pup.

“Apparently, somebody put a heavy metal item on his neck and dropped him in the river to drown. The dog was scared and shaking from cold as well. He’s a fighter,” Petraškienė’s daughter, Andra, said. It’s unclear how did the dog exactly survive the drowning attempt, defying all odds stacked against him.

Petraškienė then took the dog home, where she removed the metal contraption from around his neck and dried his soaking wet coat. After that, she ferried the dog to a local animal clinic for a health check-up.
Thankfully, the dog was found to be not seriously injured and he is now recovering under Petraškienė’s care.

The woman also informed the police about what happened as the person responsible for this horrid crime needs to be brought to justice. At present, the pooch is now in good hands with Petraškienė, and is residing in her home along with her daughter.

Watch the rescue in the video below!

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