Woman Serenades Her Dog With Beautiful Christmas Tune – Dog’s Reaction Shows Christmas Magic Is Real

I could watch this over and over again ❤


Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year is about to enter our homes and fill them with abundance of love and joy. This holiday is all about spending time with the ones we truly love and spreading positive energy and optimism, as well as lots of kindness, to everyone we know. 

This girl knows how to enjoy the holidays in the presence of her most beloved family member, her beautiful dog. 

Daniela Andrade loves her puppy to the moon and back, and she enjoys every second spent with lovely Dina. She adores her so much that she dedicates her a serenade Dina is more than happy to listen to and enjoy to the fullest.

As Daniela starts singing one of our favorite holiday songs, “Christmas Time Is Here,” the two are having a real blast. 

The video shows the devotion and the love Dina and her human mommy have for each other. Sharing so emotional moment together touches our hearts. However, the dog’s reaction is the sweetest part of the whole video. 

I don’t really think it can get any more magical than this. Just check the video below that is bound to make you more eager for the arrival of Christmas. And if this doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, you may want to get your holiday spirit checked.?

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