Woman Sees 2 Lynxes In Rare Standoff, But Can’t Believe Her Ears When She Rolls Down Car Window


While driving on a forest road near Kokadjo, Maine, Sarah Verney and her friends witnessed a very unusual sight. Two Canada lynx were staying in the middle of the road making unusual noise. This is a once in a lifetime experience because lynx can hardly ever be spotted in the wild since their natural habitat are the dense boreal forests.

It appears the two cats were having some sort of standoff, likely over territory, and were “caterwauling” to determine the winner!

Verney wrote, “This is rare sighting of a stand off between two lynx that I was lucky enough to see with my own eyes! Once in a life time for sure.”

Maine is home to some 1000 lynx and is said to be the only American state with a breeding population.

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