Woman Saves Dog From Car Accident, And Discovers Something At The Crash Site


The dog had been there for days before its rescue..

One day, a woman named Kathy Wilkes-Myers was walking along the interstate located in central Tennessee – that was where she came across a very scrawny-looking yet starving Rottweiler.

At first Kathy was wary of the dog, but this pup was different. The dog was named Ella and she was friendly enough to rub herself against Kathy’s leg.

Kathy decided to take the lonely dog home, and to nurse her back to health.

Kathy remarked: “I could just tell right away she was somebody’s baby. She just didn’t act like a stray dog to me.” Thus, her next instinct kicked into gear – the dog needed a place to stay until she could be safely returned home.

Kathy knew that there might had been an accident somewhere near where she found Ella, thus she went back to the scene looking for more clues.

Ella might have been involved in the accident, after all. Ella began pulling on her leash once they arrived at the crash site.

She led Kathy to a pile of personal items belonging to her family, which she had found and stockpiled after the accident.

Kathy then realized that poor Ella was actually waiting for her family to return, and collected all of their items as much as she could to remember them by.

After contacting the local authorities to inquire about Ella’s family, there was good news – all of them survived the crash! Ella had been thrown out of the car during the collision, so rescuers never noticed her. Thanks to Ella, a candle with ‘Michelle’ printed on it became an important clue to whom she had belonged to.

Ella had previously waited there for 13 days or more before Kathy found her.

With a few phone calls here and there, Ella was reunited with her family and was overjoyed to do so.

Ella’s family had assumed that she had perished in the accident, and were glad to have her back in their arms once again.

Kathy added that the crash site was the last spot she saw her family – and she was going to stay there until they returned to her. What loyalty!

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