Woman reported she was stopped by squirrel who tugged on her leg and led her to help its injured baby

The squirrel approached the woman and started pulling her leg as though it was asking for help


A very unlikely occurrence took place in Pulaski, Virginia recently when a woman reported how a squirrel approached her while she was walking down a trail and started pulling her leg. 

The woman was left completely puzzled as she had no idea what the tiny animal was up to, but she soon realized something serious was going on. 

The woman known as Tia Powell told the police that she decided to follow the squirrel. Amazingly enough, the animal was a mother to an injured baby squirrel and she was trying to get some help. Near the baby whose tiny leg was broken was a cat lurking. 

Seeing the injured animal, Powell didn’t think she could do anything to help her, so she decided to leave and call animal services for help. But the moment she started walking, the mommy squirrel pulled the woman’s leg again as she was aware that leaving them alone would give the cat the opportunity to attack the baby.

Luckily, Powell knew she had to make sure the family of squirrels was safe and sound so she decided to wait for the police to arrive. 

When they got at the scene, the officers saw the mother squirrel, the baby, and Powell patiently waiting. 

According to the Facebook post by the Pulaski Police Department, the animals were taken to safety and the little one is recovering well. 

“A huge shout out to Tia (aka: The Squirrel Whisperer) and Jasmine! Had Tia not been willing to trust her instincts that something was wrong, this might have had a very different ending!” said the Pulaski Police Department

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