Woman Leaves Dog Freezing Outside Man Sees Him And Acts Fast

Woman Leaves Dog Freezing Outside in -20 Degree Weather, Then Man Sees Him Shivering And Acts Fast


Dogs can withstand and endure many things, especially freezing cold temperatures. But even dogs can’t stand long periods in the blizzard condition. Just like humans they can get sick and even get frostbite.

That’s what happened when this woman went into the post office.  She was only going to be a few minutes so she left her dog outside while she went inside. The temperatures were a frigid -20 degrees within minutes her dog already started to submit to below freezing temperatures.


The very next moment a kind man saw the dog shivering.  The man got down on his knees beside the dog and let the dog crawl on his lap.  This kept the dog warm until his owner returned to get him.

It’s truly amazing when a complete stranger stops to help.  We are so happy that this man went out of his way to notice the dog needed his help.

This video reminds us that dogs are not immune to the cold temperatures. Please be extra careful when leaving your dogs outside to brave mother nature.

Watch the endearing story in the video below!

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