Woman Jumps Over Fence During Horse Riding Competition.. Her Next Move Left Everyone Shocked


A woman is seen jumping over the barrier and punters look on astonished as the woman makes her way onto the race track and takes off towards the grandstand….

“It was on lady’s day, during, summer we had to go to the horse show. we are four best friends and this was our first time to a horse show. we had bought tickets. Everyone was looking forward to it.

We all as friends have that crazy friend amongst us who is Debby. We had taken our seats at the back pew, when she told us to dare her go steal a horse and ride on it. We dared her, since we wanted to see what she would do. No sooner had we dared than hurriedly went and mounted on one of the horses, swung her right leg over the horse and let herself down into the saddle. She didn’t it carefully and didn’t kick the horse. She squeezed the horse with her legs and he moved.”

People’s attention was shifted to her and everyone started laughing. All we could do was just laugh. We later saw another man running after her and later she was brought back. The security people took her away.”

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