Woman heard her baby screaming, then ran in to witness the most endearing moment

It's impossible to watch this without smiling!


If you want your child to grow up around a companion who’ll teach them how to become a loving and responsible human being, then you should definitely consider getting a dog. No one can deny the fact that kids and dogs make best of friends. They care for each other, always get along, and their days are filled with fun, games, and lots of running and laughing. 

The sweet 7-year-old Shetland Sheepdog named Pumpkin had to learn how to share her parent’s love and affection with a tiny baby that one day simply appeared in the house out of the blue. Pumpkin’s parents knew she would love her human sibling the way she loved them, and they never hesitated letting her near the new addition to the family. 

On the YouTube video he shared, Pumpkin’s owner wrote, “Shelties are amazing family dogs and she’s been so good to our two kids since they joined our family.” 

The video shows a precious moment shared between Pumpkin and the baby. The mother spotted the two bonding and enjoying after she heard the baby scream with laughter. She wondered what could make the little one laugh so hard, and when she rushed upstairs she witnessed the most amazing sight. Pumpkin was running around the baby in circles and that was enough to make her sibling happy. 

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