Woman Found Injured Abandoned Kitten In Dumpster – But He’s A Special One


She came across that kitten by chance.

One woman was searching for stuff in a dumpster one day, but it was not to find something useful that she could possibly clean up and recycle.

Rather, it was to address a series of tiny mewing whimpers coming from inside the dumpster, which was right behind the shop she worked at. She had just placed the ‘Closed’ sign in the window and started to head for her car when she decided to investigate the noise.

Ignoring the stench, the brave woman climbed into the dumpster and started ravaging through it.

Eventually, she scooped up a tiny baby kitten with a injured paw in her arms. The kitten’s eyes were also barely open, which meant that the birth was pretty recent! It was crying in both pain and hunger. The woman started to make her way down to a local animal clinic to save the little guy. On the way, she even named it Martyr!

Martyr was brought in immediately for a check-up ASAP.

The veterinarian then examined the little kitten and made sure that he was prescribed a suitable treatment, along with some food, warmth and water.

Martyr had lost a paw due to gangrene, along with a severely broken leg. Thankfully, he’s in good health.

The vet proceeded to share a piece of much-needed good news – the little kitten was actually a calico! Calico cats carry a very specific fur color pattern, with streaks of black, white and red. White however, remains the predominant color.

The specific calico gene is specific to mostly females, thus it was extremely rare for a male to carry that gene! Out of 3000 calico cats, only one could only be ruled out as a male!

Martyr has regained a part of his strength back, vets immediately prepped him for surgery to mend his broken leg. The surgery was a huge success, much to their relief.

After a few weeks and a few more dressings, the time came for Martyr to settle in his new forever home.

Martyr is just as lively and jovial as other cats would be, despite his traumatic experiences.

Today, Martyr’s one happy and truly lucky kitten – and loves his new owner as much as she loves him! What a pair!

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