Woman Found A Cowering “Coyote” Lookalike In Her Backyard’s Storage Tent

Lauren didn't know what kind of animal was in her yard, but she knew he needed help.


Her dogs started sniffed the storage tent in the backyard..

A woman named Lauren Sullivan was spending time with her three dogs in the backyard when all of sudden, her dogs started to sniff the storage tent there. Deciding to investigate the storage tent, Lauren went inside the tent and saw a “coyote” lookalike who was cowering in a corner. Lauren then led her dogs back into the house for safety and approached the animal inside the tent. After seeing that it was emaciated and scared, she quickly gave it some food and water before leaving the tent.

Lauren’s husband, Sean, soon came home and the couple decided to check up on the animal in the tent. They noticed that it did not move from its previous spot and was still cowering there. Even though all the food was eaten, the water remained untouched. Upon closer inspection, the couple realized that it was actually a stray dog, who desperately needed some help.

The couple tried to get closer, but the dog started to growl at them. Lauren saw a reddish circle around the dog’s neck and asked Sean to fetch a leash, thinking it was a collar. But the “collar” was actually a neck injury caused by a rope. Alarmed, the couple managed to wrap the dog up in a blanket and drove him to an emergency animal hospital. They also named the dog “Tobie” on the way there.

The vets at the animal hospital soon confirmed the couple’s suspicion of Tobie’s neck injury and guessed that Tobie must have been tied up for months before cutting himself free. Tobie’s neck injury was severe and terribly infected, which worried the couple. During Tobie’s stay at the animal hospital, the couple frequently visited to check up on him.

As they spent more time with Tobie, the couple became attached to him and eventually decided to adopt him when he recovers. A few days later, the couple welcomed Tobie into their home and introduced him to their three family dogs. Their three dogs got along well with him and played with Tobie frequently, all the while minding his injured neck.

Tobie took some time to adjust and learn essential behavior such as housebreaking and drinking from a water bowl. The other dogs also pitched in to guide Tobie and he learned quickly from observing their behavior. Tobie now lives happily with his new family, thanks to Lauren and Sean’s efforts.

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