Woman finds note from neighbor attached to her pet cat’s collar

She had no idea where her cat Rex was running off to every day until she found a note attached to his collar that left her in hysterics.


According to a research conducted by the University of Bristol, cat owners are smarter than those not owning one. Felines make such good friends that it had been reported that most American households have cats than dogs or any other animals.

These special creatures make great companions who would always know hot to comfort you and cheer you up when you feel down. They are very clean and spend a significant part of the day grooming themselves. Above all, cats are known to be curious, and that makes them get involved in all sorts of tricky situations and adventures.

Take Rex for example. His owner, Emily Crane says how this furry and fluffy sweetheart loves making friends with the neighbors and basically with everyone he stumbles upon.

Crane has her sweet cat for eight years now and the two have become best of friends from the moment this lady saved him and took him off the streets.

“He loves attention, especially when it comes with nice, behind the ear scratches,” Crane told The Dodo.

As Rex grew older, Crane would let him out of the house every now and then, and it seems like he loves spending this time walking around the neighborhood, exploring things.

“At a rather young age, he started begging to go outside,” she said. “I would let him out the back door and watch from my upstairs kitchen window.”

“I think a lot of people around here are excited to see a friendly kitty,” Crane told The Dodo.

One day, Rex got back home from around the neighborhood walk with a note attached on his collar. It turned out he would often visit the family in the red house, and they wanted Crane to know that. 

“He pranced inside with it, like he knew that he had a delivery to make,” Crane said.

This lady finally realized who her cat was visiting all this time. 

The note from Crane’s neighbor read, “Hello! This is your neighbor in the red house! We just wanted to let you know that Rex has developed a weird love for our bathtub + will sneak into our home to sit in it!”

“All of us in the house are 100% okay with this because we all love Rex very much. We just want to let you know in case you were wondering where he was one of these days … he’s probably in our bathtub. <3 The Red House.”

Rex was clearly enjoying these people’s company, as well as their bathtub. 

“I seriously could not stop laughing when I found the note,” she told The Dodo “It was adorable.”

Crane still hasn’t met the family from the red house, but she hopes she’ll be able to do so in the future. As for now, she sent them a thank you note. 

“He is definitely a character!” Crane said.

“I love how friendly Rex is with people,” she added. “If they are interested, I can tell it makes their day to give a pet to a handsome, social kitty cat.”

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