Women hears animal crying for help, but when she looks closer, she sees a trash bag with kitten inside


How can anyone be so cruel?

Everyday, there are countless cases of animal abuse happening worldwide. Not only the authorities and local animal rescue groups face these problems constantly, but also the average citizen as well.

Animals should be treated with care, not like a piece of trash. In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a woman was out walking her dog when she came across a trash bag on the path. When the woman came closer to the trash bag, she began to hear what it seemed like faint meowing coming from inside the trash bag.

Alarmed, the woman immediately opened up the trash bag and found something shocking. Inside the bag, there was a small and frail kitten who was left in the trash bag like a piece of trash!

The trash bag had been sealed, causing the kitten to almost suffocate and gasp for air inside the bag. The woman quickly rescued the kitten and took it back home, where she gave the kitten a shower and nourishment. 

As the kitten was still young, she had to feed liquid food through a syringe. After having such a horrific experience, the kitten finally had a warm bed to sleep in at night. His rescuer even named him “Dobby”. 

With plenty of TLC, Dobby made a full recovery in just 1 week and now lives with several other cats in a foster home, who keep him company. Thanks to good samitarians like this woman, previously abused animals like Dobby will now have a second chance at life.

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