Woman Allowed Hundreds of Animals to Starve Till They Were Nothing but Skin and Bones

The number of animals who were neglected and starved exceeded 300 and the woman responsible was only charged with 7 counts of animal abuse!


Why is it that hard for some people to understand that adopting an animal means welcoming a family member in their home? These creatures have feelings and need love and care as much as the humans need. 

Sadly, we often stumble upon stories of animal neglect and abuse that leaves us wondering how cruel some individuals can be.

One woman adopted hundreds of animals throughout the years and she kept them in the most horrific conditions possible. The number of horses, chickens, and rabbits that found themselves in her hands were severely starved. They all resembled walking corpses when they were discovered. 

She is now facing seven felony counts of animal cruelty. None of the animals has ever received any medical help or enough food and water. 

Believe it or not, the number of animals on her property exceeded 300. The sight was devastating and it broke the hearts of the rescuers who said that they haven’t seen such case in years. 

Luckily, the rabbits were transferred to the Oklahoma Rabbit Rescue and were reported to be recovering. The chickens were placed at a free-range farm and the horses were taken to Blazes Tribute Equine Rescue where they were given the medical assistance needed.

Unfortunately, two of them died of starvation. The rest are thriving in their new home. 

Animals can’t speak for themselves, so we should be their advocates and fight for their rights whenever we see they are going through an ordeal or end up in the hands of cruel owners. 

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