Woman Adopts Dog, But Neglected It As She Was ‘Too Busy’

Alexandra Drew adopted Richter in 2016. Six months later, she brought him back to the Humane Society from where she had adopted him, claiming that he was a stray she had found and wanted to turn in. Extremely emaciated, it was clear that the dog had not been fed in a really long time. Here’s how the story unfolded:


The poor dog was being slowly starved to death..


One woman in Florida has reportedly adopted a dog from a shelter. She took it home and all, but failed to care for the poor canine! When the dog was found by local animal control who inspected the woman’s home, she starts to claim that she was too busy, thus she had forgotten to feed the dog she had just adopted! The dog’s name was Richter, and he had been recently adopted from the Humane Society of Sarasota County by the woman, whose name was 20-year-old Alexandria Drew.

Richter was scheduled to be returned to the organization six months later, but he was bone-thin. Alexandria had wanted to surrender the emaciated dog by claiming that he was actually a stray she had found loitering on the streets. However, staff would instantly recognize Drew, and know that he wasn’t a stray.

Furthermore, a microchip embedded in Richter had indicated Alexandria was actually his new owner! Instead of taking him to the shelter, the woman brought Richter to the local animal control instead, and even claimed to officials that she did not have enough to pay for the $30 surrender fee! Since this incident, Richter is now handler over to another animal shelter, where he would slowly regain his health and find a new home. On the other hand, Richter’s previous owner, Alexandria Drew, is now in police custody and slapped with animal abuse charges.

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