Woman Adopts A 26 Year-Old Senior Cat From A Shelter

She didn't want him to spend his last days, however many there were, in a cage at the shelter.


This 26 year-old cat was sadly surrendered to the shelter..

A cat’s average lifespan is usually around 20 years, but a cat named Thomas was one of the few who managed to live past that age. Thomas was a 26 year-old senior cat, who was surrendered to the Baltimore County Animal Shelter by his owners, who claimed that they could no longer take care of him. As Thomas was a senior cat, the shelter staff knew that it would be difficult for Thomas to be adopted because people mostly wanted to adopt kittens or younger cats instead. To increase Thomas’ chances of getting adopted, the shelter posted about Thomas’ dire situation on their Facebook page.

A woman named Laura Cassiday soon noticed the post and decided to adopt Thomas. Cassiday was also a volunteer for the The Feline Rescue Association and the Maryland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), so she had plenty of experience in rescuing cats. Cassiday coordinated with the Animal Allies Rescue Foundation (AARF) and went to the shelter on a Thursday to pick up Thomas.

At the shelter, the staff told Cassiday that Thomas suffers from severe dental disease, arthritis, hyperthyroidism, and an abnormal liver. A veterinarian had also found that Thomas has a mass in his body, which could be a tumor. However, Cassiday was determined to give Thomas the second chance he deserves and took him home.

When Thomas arrived at his new home, he was unsure of his surroundings at first but quickly warmed up to Cassiday for attention. Cassiday even created a Facebook page for Thomas, titled “The Adventures of Thomas the 26-Year-Old Cat”, which will serve as a memoir when he passes.

Thanks to Laura Cassiday, Thomas will be able to spend the rest of his days living comfortably with a family who loves him. Cassiday also wishes that more people will give senior pets a second chance as they are the ones who needs the most care and attention.

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