This Wolf Was Hit By A Car And Left To Die. What Happened Next Is So Touching.


Wolves are often seen as fierce, angry predators, but they can also be victims.

In the Israeli countryside, a wolf was struck by a car four months ago and left for dead. Not long after he was spotted by others passing through, and those kindhearted people decided to save him.

The wolf was in a lot of pain and limped along the road. And he wouldn’t have survived long in this state, except for the kindness of a stranger. An animal lover stopped to help, and drove the wolf to a veterinary clinic.

They named him Oliel.


Veterinarians saw in his X-rays that the wolf’s leg was broken, so they performed surgery on him.


Oliel was anesthetized while veterinary surgeons repaired his leg.ad34
But Oliel had a long way to go before his injury healed.

Meanwhile, he was living in captivity—not an ideal setting for a wild wolf.


After four long months, Oliel was finally strong enough to be released.


His cage was loaded onto a truck.


Poor Oliel had no idea what was happening.


Oliel didn’t understand it then, but he would soon be free again.


At last, they arrived.

They set Oliel’s cage down.


And opened the door…


Oliel was a little scared at first, as he didn’t realize what was happening.agag2
But after a few seconds, he understood. He was free!


At last, he’s back where he belongs!


Be on the lookout, when you’re out in the world, for animals or people that you can help in a similar way. You might be able to be the difference between a happy life or a distressing one. You might even be the difference, for someone, at sometime, between life and death. We can all be good people, as long as we strive to be.

How wonderful to see Oliel rehabilitated and back in the wild. I’m so happy that there are animal lovers out there who help injured wildlife. Stay out of harm’s way, Oliel!

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