When One Man Found a Freezing and Lonely Cat, He Knew What He Should Do

The cat had a rough life, but with a little bit of love, he got his life back.


When the rescuers from Refuge RR were alerted about a cat named Sylvester and the conditions the poor thing was living in, they didn’t think twice before they headed to the Ontario house under whose stairs Sylvester was spending his days. Rob Boisvert, the rescuer who came to help was shocked by a note placed next to the cat saying “Leave cat there. Cat there for a reason. Thank you.”

However, despite the plea, Rob couldn’t just leave Sylvester that was all covered in fleas and sores out there in the freezing weather. 

The house owners placed the cat there hoping he would chase the rats away, but Sylvester’s condition was so severe that he could barely move. There wasn’t enough food or water and he was in a desperate need of help. 

Sylvester was quickly brought to a cat sanctuary. It was obvious the cat knew what was going on and that all those people would take good care of him. He didn’t move an inch and laid down as though he always lived at the shelter. 

The cat soon came back to live. He was cleaned from the fleas and given food, water, and lots of attention. 

The staff from the sanctuary posted Sylvester’s story on Facebook and to their surprise it caught the attention of a great number of people willing to help. He received a bunch of presents, among which cat nip toys he really loves. 

Eventually, Sylvester cold be adopted and placed to a forever home with people who will never abandon him. 

Today, Sylvester doesn’t resemble the sad cat he once was. He is now healthy and happy and is looking forward to his new life. 

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