What Your Pets Do At Home While You’re Gone… Heartbreaking

Don’t forget to give your pets an extra big hug today!


Every time I leave the house, I always wonder what my dog is up to. How he spends the day, hoping and wishing that he doesn’t miss me too much. It both breaks and warms my heart to see my dog so excited to see me. But is it because he really had nothing to do all day but wait for me?

Well, the ingenious YouTuber, Mike the Intern, strapped a GoPro to his dog to find out exactly what his dog was up to after he left. Check out the video below!

Spoiler Alert!

It’s nothing like the movie, the Life of Pets.

What you’re about to see may break your heart, but will bring you closer than ever to your pets!

At first, it seems like the dog is optimistic and checks every entrance you can come in from, but when reality sets in, it becomes very sad and just collapses on your bed, waiting for you to come back.

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And don’t forget to give your pets an extra big hug today!

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