Watch What Happens When Two Former Fighting Dogs Reunite after Quite Some Time

Looking at these two dogs being able to put their ordeals behind and be so happy is putting huge smiles on our faces.


No canine is born to be neglected, abused, or used in dog fighting. Sadly, that happens more often than we think all because of cruel humans who don’t understand how valuable, loving, and loyal these creatures can be if given the right amount of appreciation.

Thankfully, many employees and volunteers who work at animal rescue organizations dedicate their lives to saving these dogs. Detroit Bully Corps (DBC) is just one of those rescue groups that do so much for animals in need of help.

The rescue mission they have undertaken recently melted the hearts of many people. Namely, they saved two dogs named Vito and Maggy that were used for dog fighting. Both the animals were given medical help and spent some time rehabilitating at different facilities.

Their reunion is definitely one to remember. The video of them meeting again after some time reminded people that no dog is a bad dog. Vito and Maggy played around in excitement and gave each other hugs.

“This video defines the very reason we wake up daily,” writes DBC President William J. Bellottie. “Our mission is to improve the lives of canines…My personal mission is to end Dog Fighting. These 2 canines have shown the most dignity & define the very soul of my work, my focus & the American Pit Bull Terrier.”

“At one time they were someone’s cash register, pitted against other canines & bred for money,” he continues. “Both came to DBC beat to hell & discarded. They both truly had the heart of a champion. They both decided to shed the mental scars of an old life & move forward in a world that had given them every reason to throw in the towel.”

Looking at them being able to put their ordeal behind and be so happy is putting huge smiles on our faces. Make sure you see the video below and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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