Watch This Kangaroo Try To Use A Family’s Swing, And Try Not To Laugh!

This rambunctious 'roo just won't give up!


Anita Kuhberger’s morning was definitely one to remember. As she was having her coffee on the front porch she got a visitor she didn’t expect. Actually, it wasn’t a first time for a kangaroo to stop by her garden, but this one was definitely the most hilarious one. He made Anita’s day.

The kangaroo wanted to swing on the kids rope swing so he tried hopping onto it countless times, but every try was in vain.

Apparently, kangaroos are great hoppers, but swinging is what they fail at.

Source: Facebook/Anita Kuhberger

The kangaroo’s stubbornness was caught on camera. Anita found the whole thing so hilarious that she decided to share it on her Facebook page.

She told the Dodo, “We have a lot of kangaroos that frequent the property but I have never seen any of the kangaroos do this before.”

Source: Facebook/Anita Kuhberger

After quite some time, when the kangaroo finally understood he can’t get to swing, he got back to bouncing. Well, bouncing is as much fun I guess.

We hope this won’t discourage the poor creature to come back and give it another try during the following days.

Anita said, “After the camera stopped, he still hadn’t finished playing. He hopped around the yard very quickly a few times, something that I have seen them playfully do before.”

Check  her video below.

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