Watch this brave house cat challenge a lion

This lion vs cat showdown is hilarious.



Cats are curious creatures. They never let anything slip out of their sight, like this kitty cat who is really interested in the big one. It’s amazing how the cat is not even a bit afraid of the big lion. She is even getting closer and decides to taunt and challenge him. Maggie really is a very courageous cat.

She wants to make sure the lion understands that she is the boss, and no one should mess with her. As her owner films her running towards the lion, he tries to remind her that she is going to lose, since she is so tiny in comparison to the wild creature.

But Maggie won’t listen, and she gets face to face with her ‘opponent.’ Thankfully, the lion is caged so we don’t have to see the aftermath of the fight.

Take a look at her reaction in the video below.


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