Watch This Bobcat’s Reaction When A Human Starts Petting It For The First Time…Just Beautiful

The power of love.


Who doesn’t love cats? Even wild ones. I know I am crazy for these lovely creatures. And as it’s very common for a lot of families to have a cat as a pet, not many can say they share their home with a lynx or a bobcat. 

Benji is a bobcat who lived with a human family. He was saved at a very young age, and these people helped him survive. Having such a gorgeous wild animal at home must be awesome, as bobcats are nocturnal creatures and are rarely seen by humans. 

In the video below, you can hear Benji’s loud purring while he gets patted. People agree how the sounds he makes resemble those of a motorcycle. One person even wrote, “A Harley Davidson on paws.”

Before you proceed to the video make sure your volume is up. 

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