Watch These Two German Shepherds Wrestle Their Owner – For The Christmas Tree


These two German shepherds didn’t want the Christmas tree to go just yet..

Every household would have their very own Christmas tree, complete with unique ornaments and decorations to celebrate the festive season. So when Christmas is over, these ornaments and decorations would be kept away into boxes, including the tree. Adding a pair of playful German shepherds in the mix would make cleaning up more difficult for this family. Erin Sharkey Graham and her husband, David Graham, have two children and own a pair of German shepherds.

After Christmas was over, Erin asked her husband to toss out the Christmas tree. But after some time later, she noticed that her husband was still outside. Deciding to investigate on why he was taking so long, she looked outside and witnessed a hilarious scene! The family’s German shepherds, Badge and Segen, saw David tossing out the tree and decided to play tug-of-war with him! The pair held onto the other end of the tree and pulled hard, so David retaliated by pulling as well.

The pair proved to be a challenge for David, even causing him to fall at one point! Amused by this scene, Erin decided to film it down on her video camera and posted it on Facebook. In a short amount of time, her video had went viral on Facebook and had garnered 25 million views and more than half a million shares in total.

You can watch Erin’s video below:

From the looks of it, it seemed that David would take quite awhile to toss out the tree!

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