Watch How This Police Officer Abused This K9 Dog; I Am Thankful That He Got Caught.


WARNING: This video contains strong language and violence. Viewer discretion advised. I don’t know why this police officer would decide to abuse the dog, who is also, by the way a police dog. What this man didn’t know is that someone was recording him and that he would be detained and placed on administrative leave until the investigation was complete.

This police officer, who identity has not been disclosed, will be answerable to a million questions that the world needs to know – one of them being why he was so mean and abusive to the poor dog. While it is true that police dogs go through vigorous training, no one of it should include abuse or whip lashes, ones that this police officer had plenty to shower.

Take a look at this video

We do hope that we find out why the police officer reacted like this and we hope that the poor dog was rescued and probably placed with another kind handler. This isn’t how you treat dogs, let’s be responsible. Please share this post with your friends too.

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