Watch How This Police Officer Abuses This K9 Dog; I Am Thankful He Got Caught.

This is horrible and heartbreaking.


WARNING: Viewer discretion advised. The following video contains strong language and real scenes of animal abuse.

Police officers are those people whom we trust our safety and security, but what happens when they break the law themselves and are involved in cruel acts such as that of animal abuse?

This police officer was caught hitting his K9 partner in the middle of the day, and people are outraged. Everyone agrees that his cruelty should be punished in the most severe way possible. 

Thankfully, the person filming it reported the incident and the officer in question was detained and placed on administrative leave until the investigation gets closure. 

Many believe he should not be charged with animal cruelty and abuse only, but with a felony assaulting an officer, as that is what the dog is. 

After learning how this culprit was put on administrative leave, many Hammond citizens requested that he was fired instead. 

“If he does this to the dog he is entrusted to work with, imagine what he has done to his own dog, his kids, his wife, people he comes into contact with during his job,” one concerned person said. 

“That officer should be fired and banned from being anywhere near an animal–a permanent restraining order,” another added.

It’s sad to see a member of the police treating a dog in such manner. We hope he gets a harsher punishment.