Wakeboarder gets a surprise of a lifetime when unexpected visitors join the fun

Have you ever seen anything this magical?


Humans have always been curious to approach the nature and learn as much as they could about all the different species of animals and fish that surround us. However, of all the creatures we’ve made contact with, the dolphins are unarguably the smartest.

They share the humans’ trait of being curious and never miss the chance to get closer to the people who are diving and swimming in their water.

A group of friends were enjoying out at the open ocean when something unusual happened. We are sure it’s a day none of them will ever forget and we are so glad they were able to film the awesome experience.

Namely, a girl was starting her run when a group of dolphins popped out of the water. What they did next is pretty cool and insane.

Take a look at the fun time they had with the humans in the video below.

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