Vulnerable Puppy Left Alone on Vacant Street Dragged a Sign Around His Little Neck

The sign someone placed around his neck was too heavy and he looked so scared.


When this tiny puppy was spotted wandering the streets all by itself with a sign around its neck not many people showed willingness to offer a helping hand.

The reason why is that stray dogs can be seen at almost every corner in most countries in Southeast Asia, so people are used to the sight of strays all around and don’t pay much attention.

But when it came to this guy, a passerby who noticed the heavy sign he had around its tiny neck, she decided to call an animal rescue service to help. The words written on the sign saying, “I need a home” touched the rescuers who arrived at the scene to the core.

At the time, the little guy was only 8 weeks old.

It was determined the puppy was in good health condition and that made his rescuers believe how he was someone’s pet. So this sweet canine wasn’t abandoned by his mommy, but by his cruel owner.

Soon enough, the pup was brought to the rescue organization’s headquarters where they had to figure out what to do next.

The best solution was for him to be placed with a foster family for a couple of weeks, or until he turned 12 weeks of age, before he was put up for adoption.

The below video is a re-enactment of the puppy’s rescue.

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