Veteran and His K-9 Reunite On Live TV

As he waited to reunite with his loyal companion, the former veteran was sick with nerves worrying that the dog wouldn’t recognize him. But all that changed as cameras captured the tearful moment their eyes finally met.


Owning a dog means having a best friend for life. These amazingly intelligent creatures teach us love and loyalty, and will never leave our side.

Matthew Kropp is a veteran who served in Iraq in 2011. Three years later, he took a job at the U.S Embassy in Baghdad related to preventing any harmful materials such as explosives to enter the building. During his stay there, a German Shepherd named Tina made him company and worked along his side.

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Having Tina there gave Matthew a sense of security. Although he was away from his home country and his family, he knew there was someone there who provided him with the comfort he dearly missed.

“Without her, I wouldn’t be able to live,” said Matthew.

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Sadly, the two friends and co-workers were separated when Tina got back to the U.S in 2017.

During an occasion of visiting his family in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, Matthew realized he and his dog were again at a same country and he felt the urge to look for her.

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Knowing tracing Tina wouldn’t be an easy job, Matthew called the organization K9 Hero Haven and asked them for help. This organization that is placed at Herndon, PA, makes sure as many retired military dogs find forever homes.

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Luckily, they were able to trace Tina and an emotional reunion between long lost friends was about to take place.

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As much as Matthew was looking forward to the meeting, he was equally concerned that Tina may not recognize him.

“I’m hoping that she’s excited and that she remembers me. That’s what I’m really hoping for,” said Kropp.

Matthew was waiting at the County Cupboard restaurant in Lewisburg, PA when he noticed the familiar dog he loved so much. Once Tina started running towards him and gave him lots of kisses, he was at ease.

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The reunion was so touching that it left the onlookers crying.

Source: WNEP

The best thing is that Tina will be part of Matthew’s life forever as he officially adopted her. Anne Gibbs from the K9 Hero Haven says she’s glas she was the one who made this all come true.

“…to be able to see them come home and spend all the rest of her life with his family, and being a dog and a family pet. It’s phenomenal.”

Although Matthew has to return to Iraq shortly, he knows his lovely dog would be well taken care of by his wife and his two children.


Thanks to K9 Hero Haven many retired military dogs, service dogs, and police dogs are either reunited with their original handlers or are given forever homes by people who are the perfect fit.

As many of these animals are likely to suffer from PTSD or other medical issues, those taking them in have to make sure they would know how to take care of them properly.


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