Vet Refused To Treat Hairless Puppy – And His Explanation Was Infuriating

Andrea brings this poor pup to a vet, expecting help...but the doctor refuses! And when Andrea hears why, she scoops up poor Benji and races out of the office.


His rescuer never gave up.

This is the story of one hairless little puppy who was found in a pitiable state and left on one side of the road, all alone. He was severly emaciated and suffering from infected ears, so much so that he did not even look like a dog anymore. However, someone saw the beauty and looked past his ‘unappealling’ appearance, and took him under her wing.

It was a woman named Andrea who had found the lost pup cowering alone by the roads. His appearance was greatly pitiable as his most of his skin were covered in open sores. He smelled bad and had almost no hair, but it did not deter Andrea from rescuing him.

The dog looked like an utter mess, and was even shaking and shivering in pain and fear. His little ears were also found to be infected by sarcoptic mange. When Benji’s turn came to see the vet, he took one look at him and proceeded to tell Andrea that it would be better to put him down.

But Andrea was not discouraged, and decided to take Benji under her wing. She sacrificed all her time and energy into caring for the poor puppy, administering antibiotic injections, baths, and slathering him in virgin coconut oil. After a lot of tender loving care thanks to Andrea, Benji’s little tail soon started wagging again — and it has not stopped wagging ever since.

Just 3 months later, Benji has since became a fluffy and cute canine who looks like a round-eye teddy bear. Andrea’s labor of love finally paid off. Benji is also a people-loving darling, and attracted attention wherever he went!

Watch the dog’s story unfold in the video below!

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