Vet Ranch Rescues Pregnant Dog – And All Of Her 12 Puppies


The pregnant dog was saved from death row!

A well-known animal rescue organization and clinic named Vet Ranch has continuing to change the lives of countless animals since its inception.

They focus on animals who are either injured, homeless or about to be euthanized in various shelters. Documented by Veterinarian Matt Schuessler, one of their success stories features a formerly-pregnant dog named Gracie, who was rescued from death row and housed at Vet Ranch in order to give birth in a safer environment. 

The Texas-based nonprofit organization took great care of Gracie in the many weeks leading up to her delivery, with Dr. Schuessler administering frequent check-ups and conducting X-rays to ensure that she was healthy enough. One of Gracie’s X-rays even revealed her litter to consist of 11 to 12 puppies! Gracie successfully gave birth to 12 healthy pups later on.

Vet Ranch is a non-profit animal clinic with a growing number of online supporters, especially on YouTube where its videos of rescues and recoveries has gain much popularity. Gracie’s journey is one of Vet Ranch’s online reaches. The video was uploaded in the middle of June, with over 870,000 views so far! Today, Vet Ranch amount of growth has been astounding with the help of generous donors. Their headquarters now functions as both an interim home and convalescence site, providing many formerly homeless animals a second chance at life!

Watch the delivery of Gracie’s all 12 puppies below!

A recent update on her and the pups after delivery by Dr. Schuessler has reported that Gracie and one of her puppies have been successfully adopted by one of Vet Ranch’s clients! Meanwhile, the other remaining pups shall be placed in good homes once they are ready.

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