Verizon employee suspended after using company equipment to saved stranded cat.

This doesn't seem right.


As most people would be over the moon after hearing of an animal rescue story, apparently, there are also those who aren’t that glad when a poor soul is saved. A man named Maurice German was on the job one day when he noticed a man in distress. As it turned out, the man’s cat named Princess Momma got stuck on the top of a utility pole and couldn’t get off. The terrified animal had been stuck there for 12 hours without food or water. The owner said how he contacted the fire department, an animal rescue, as well as the telephone company in charge of the pole, but no one cared enough to show up at the scene. 

Seeing how serious the situation was, Maurice decided to come to the rescue. This Verizon’s employee was certain he was making a good deed and never though he would be punished for trying to save an animal in need. After the cat was on the ground again, Maurice was told he was suspended without pay for three weeks for using the company’s equipment without permission during the rescue. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. 


When this story spread among animal lovers and activists, they were outraged at the company’s decision to leave a kind-hearted man like Maurice without any income for so long, so they took things into their own hands. They set up two GoFundMe pages that would collect enough money to compensate for the wages he would lose. 

Incredibly, $10,000 were collected before the fundraising ended. We hope this money and what these people did for him would be enough motivation for Maurice to always help animals in distress. You are our everyday hero!

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