UPS Drivers Are Now Sharing Pictures Of ‘Good’ Dogs They’ve Met – On Facebook


UPS drivers are changing the canine stereotype – via social media.

One Facebook group has been extremely popular with animal lovers online recently – started by and featuring pictures of many UPS delivery drivers and the various dogs they met during their daily deliveries. Named ‘UPS DOGS’’, the Facebook group has been quite the social media buzz, garnering over 330,000 likes since it was created. Dog lovers worldwide are amazed at this movement – after all, dogs are thought to be territorial and aggressive towards strangers approaching their homes. This not only included UPS drivers, but your everyday postman as well.

The social media group aims to dissolve the dog-barking stereotype, proving that not all dogs terrorize people and attack deliverymen. Dogs can be friends with us, too!

It also shows that man can truly be a dog’s best friend despite the many challenging terms canines face – many of the UPS drivers who posted and shared their pictures actually befriended canines along the way, and are daily patrons!

But what makes the social media movement so special? Simple – it challenges public opinion. As the page explains:”UPS Drivers deliver packages all day long. During that time many dogs are met, good and bad.” But all is not lost – there are many good dogs out there. The page also encourages fellow UPS drivers to join in the fun by submitting their own shots too, along with details such as the time and date the picture was taken, along with a short description to accompany it. Isn’t that wonderful?

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