UPS driver stops in the road when he witnesses a puppy being thrown out of a car

This UPS driver is an incredible man. Bless you!


Jason Harcrow is a UPS driver from California. Thanks to the kindness and the affection he showed for one tiny animal in need, now the whole country learned his name.

As he was on the job one day, delivering packages, his attention was caught by one of the most disturbing acts of animal cruelty he has ever seen. Namely, a car stopped right in front of him and the driver opened the window and threw a puppy out of it before he drove off.

Jason didn’t hesitate even a bit before he started running towards the animal. He knew that if he didn’t take it quickly, the dog was likely to be hit by a car as the street was a busy one.

In the next moment, the sweet pup was in Jason’s hands.

The incident was reported at the nearest police station. Speaking of it, Hughson Police wrote in a Facebook post: “He was unable to get a license plate number, but was able to quickly stop and snag the puppy before it darted into traffic.”

The pup was surrendered in the safe hands of the city’s animal services.

“The puppy is in great spirits and will most likely be up for adoption at Stanislaus County Animal Shelter,” Hughson Police added.

When he went to the police station carrying the dog in his hands, Jason didn’t tell them who he was, but once the photo of him was shared on Facebook along with the story, Jason’s coworkers recognized him and soon everyone learned of his kind deed.

“We’re very proud of him,” UPS supervisor Jessica Lafferty told the Modesto Bee. “He’s a very good guy.”

This incredible man found himself in the right place at the right time and helped the pup live. We only hope the sweet animal will find a loving home as soon as possible.

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