UPS Driver Pulls Over When He Sees A Car In Front Of Him Abandon A Puppy In The Road

He knew he had to act quickly.


What looked like an ordinary day on the job turned into one of the most memorable days in the life of this UPS driver. As he was driving his truck he witnessed a gruesome sight. He never believed there are people out there who can be so cold blooded that they can hurt an innocent animal on purpose. But, apparently, monsters like this existed, and they lived in the town. He noticed a moving vehicle dropping something in the middle of the road, and just when he thought how those people lacked manners, he noticed what they threw was actually a puppy, and that’s when he realized they lacked feelings as well. As he couldn’t believe how cruel some people can be, he knew that if he hadn’t helped the poor creature he would have been as inhumane as those savages, so he didn’t hesitate to stop and take her in his hands.

Once the puppy was taken off the busy road he decided to provide her with the ultimate care so he took her to the vet’s office just to make sure she didn’t get hurt when her owners threw her. Unfortunately, everything happened so quickly that the driver didn’t manage to get the licence plate number.

Harcrow made sure the puppy got everything she needed before she was taken to a shelter. He knew the staff there would take good care of the cutie pie and that they would do their best for the puppy to have a healthy and happy life before they provide her with a forever home, which took them a short time to find.

Thanks to this driver’s decision to stop and answer the puppy’s cry for help, she is now in a place she can consider home where she is surrounded by people who will never hurt her or try to get rid of her. This once unfortunate puppy now lives the life not only she, but every other dog out there deserves.

God bless people like Jason Harcrow who take their time to save an animal in need ?

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