Unwanted And Adorable Pup’s Amazing Secret Was Discovered – After He Got Adopted


This pup’s got a gift!

One woman named Leonora Anzaldua decided to adopt an unwanted puppy, whom she had named Penny. Unbeknownst to her, Penny has a little secret of her own!

Originally found wandering the paths of a local park nearby by a kind-hearted PetCo employee, Penny got rescued and put up for adoption. However, she never stayed long and families kept returning her back to the shelter, until Leonora came along.

No one except for Leonora, wanted Penny. It was a strange thing, though – because Penny is a super smart dog! She has the ability to learn simple tricks very quickly – and she nailed the ‘sit’ command within a few tries! Aged 8-months-old, Penny was showing great progress. Leonora then decided to amp up the test – she bought a shape sorter and taught Penny how to sort the given shapes out.

The new task however, wasn’t a problem for little Penny after all. Penny was an extremely faster learner. Not long after she aced the ‘test’, the pair moved on to letters. Now Penny is perfectly of spelling words with the aid of letters given to her!

Today, Penny has progressed beyond letters and simple words – Leonora even believes that Penny would be a great participant in a canine spelling bee competition! Penny shows great potential – and she was a very lucky pup to be found by Leonora. After all, those two make quite the compatible pair!

Watch Penny in action below!

Isn’t she such a smart puppy?

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