Two Tiny Puppies Found Dumped In A Chips Box In Trash, Police Looking For Info

If the culprit is found guilty, he/she could face up to three years in prison, or a fine of up to $20,000, or both.


People throw a bunch of unwanted things in the trash, so it’s not unusual if you see them getting rid of old clothes, and even furniture. What you definitely don’t expect them to place in a trash container are living souls. Unfortunately, there are cold-hearted individuals who would ditch their pets and throw them like garbage, instead of taking care of them, or surrender them at the local shelter. 

A man from San Diego discovered two King Charles Spaniel babies in a dumpster. They were so tiny that the person who did the horrible act put them in a box of chips. 

The staff from County Animal Service in Bonita, who came to the rescue after the good Samaritan contacted them, said how the babies were lucky to survive. They would have probably suffocated if they weren’t spotted just in time. 

Everyone is doing their best to keep the babies happy and healthy until they are big enough to be put for adoption. Currently, they are placed in foster families. The shelter’s staff and authorities are asking the public to help them track down the person who left the puppies in the dumpster to die. If you have any information you can contact the police at 619-767-2740. 

If found guilty, the wrongdoers could be facing up to 3 years in prison or would be fined up to $20,000, hopefully both. 

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