Two teens help rescue puppy abandoned in cage in Leicester woods

We hope this dog finds a great home,' say two teens after being honored for rescuing pit bull abandoned in woods"


In Leicester, Massachusetts, authorities are hoping to identify the owner of a puppy left abandoned in the woods.

The young pit bull mix, estimated to be no more than five months of age, was found on Tuesday when a logger in the area spotted the dog captive in a cage in a small clearing of the woods.


According to Mass Alive, the worker told police the puppy wore a collar and a leash, but there was no identification as to the pup’s name or his owner. A bag of food and another can of food had been left on the top of the cage. The logger brought the dog to an area closer to the road and used the leash to tie him to the outside of the cage.

Not long after the dog had been safely tied up, Brady Thebeau, 14 and Sam Rice, 13, had been out riding their bikes and enjoying their summer vacation, when they came across the adorable puppy.

“He seemed like he hadn’t had attention in a long time,” Thebeau said Wednesday. “That’s what brought our attention to him, to give him some love and attention, so he could get well again.”

Rice added, “when we found him he was whimpering a lot.”

Dubbed Brad, after movie idol Brad Pitt, of course, the pup and his cage were washed by the teens and the hungry little guy enjoyed good food and clean water. He is now being cared for at the Leicester Animal Control.

Leicester Police Chief Jim Hurley praised the boys for helping the dog. Had the logger not been working on Monday or the teens not been in the area, it is not known what could have happened to the happy puppy with the perpetually wagging tail.

Anyone with information about the owner is asked to contact the Leicester Police Department at 508.892.7010. A $500 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who abandoned Brad.

(Photos courtesy of Leicester Police Department Facebook)

Source: Pet Rescue Report

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