Dog sisters separated after adoption accidentally run into each other, have joyful reunion


The pair of Golden Retrievers were so glad to be together once again!

A woman named Pam Corwin was out shopping one afternoon when something queer has caught her attention.

She spotted two identical dogs rushing towards each other and happily greeting one another. It looked as if both dogs had known each other for a lifetime, but it wasn’t so for their puzzled owners. Curious, Pam went closer and talked to the owners of the dogs – but she found out that they had never met each other!

Neither Pam nor the owners of the dogs knew the real reason why at first. But as they started to converse about both dogs’ backgrounds, they had discovered an incredible coincidence. Turns out that both owners had adopted their two Golden Retrievers from Russia – almost a year ago! Both dogs had even boarded the very same plane together which was headed for the United States! Furthermore, both dogs were tattooed in their ears. To their owners’ and Pam’s surprise, the trio discovered that the tattoos were identical – which meant that both dogs were siblings!

Watch their reunion happen in the video below!
A year has passed by, but the two dogs immediately recognized each other once they spotted one another. Pam filmed the happy event down, and posted the video on Facebook. According to Pam, the two’s reunion had lasted over half an hour! Both owners even exchanged numbers, so that the siblings can meet every now and then!

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